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MR Messko

Started as a family company in 1911, Messko today has grown to be a distinguished member of the MR Reinhausen Group. From its humble beginning as a successful manufacturer of thermometers and gauges for the automotive industry, Messko has successfully ventured in the production of remote thermometers for transformers in 1960.

Since then and because of its vast experience and expertise, Messko has been in the forefront of providing quality temperature and oil level indicators for power transformers. With Messko’s excellence in manufacturing, more and more customers have relied on its professional competence and product quality and reliability to provide a variety of solutions to the customers’ transformer needs. Messko’s advanced sensor technology has seen the emergence of new and exciting products that will surely benefit a larger section of the power industry now and in the years to come.

Product Portfolio:

MTraB® DB Series - Maintenance Free Dehydrating Breathers  
MTO + MMK Series – Oil Level Gauges  
Compact MT + Trasy 2 MT Series – Winding  Temperature Gauges  
Compact MT + Trasy 2 MT Series -  Oil Temperature Gauges  
MTeC®  Series - Cooler Control  
MPreC® LMPRD – Pressure Relief Device  
Other Sensors and Transmitters  
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