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GE Energy Kelman has been known worldwide for developing innovative Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) test equipment that has become a vital component in condition monitoring of oil-immersed power transformers. With the unique Photo Acoustic Spectrometry. (PAS) .cutting-edge .technology, GE Energy Kelman

has helped revolutionize traditional DGA practice with the acclaimed portable and on-line DGA test sets that has saw its successful deployment among the world´s largest utilities.

Depending on your specific DGA needs, GE Energy Kelman DGA test equipment variants can be customized to your needs ranging from a detection capability for three (3) up to eight (8) major fault gases- hydrogen, acetylene, methane, ethane, ethylene, CO, CO2- as well as nitrogen, oxygen, water-in-oil and with transformer load and temperature monitor option for an integrated data gathering capability. GE Energy Kelman DGA units are complete stand-alone systems suitable for complete DGA testing of multiple and single transformer main tanks, on-load tap changers, diverter switches and tap selectors requiring minimal operator intervention and eliminating the need for a carrier or calibrating gas. Standard communication interface enables local and remote monitoring as well as auto-SMS (text messaging) feature for added functionality. As standard feature, GE Energy Kelman products are delivered with the PERCEPTION software to facilitate on-site expert system analysis of DGA results. The GE Energy Kelman DGA test equipment is built to withstand the harshest field conditions ensuring that GE Energy Kelman DGA results are always accurate and reliable.



Product Portfolio:

TRANSPORT X - Portable Dissolved Gas Analyzer  
TAPTRANS - On-Line Dual DGA for Transformers and Tap Changers  
TRANSFIX - On-Line DGA for Transformers  
MULTITRANS - On-Line DGA for Multiple Transformers  
MINITRANS - On-Line DGA Monitor for Transformers  
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